Friday, December 25, 2009


N82137 is a 1946 Aeronca Champ (Serial # 7AC-763) with a 65 horsepower 4 cylinder Continental model A65-8 (Serial # 31296) engine.

N82137 is a FAA certified airplane that also satisfies the requirements of the FAA's rules, regulations, and specifications for Light Sport Aircraft. This qualifies it to be flown by a pilot with the less restrictive LSA pilot's license.

There are two current Service Type Certificates on N82137. The first allows 87 octane lead free car gas to be used instead of 100 octane LL Aviation Fuel, and the second allows for flight with the cabin door removed.

At the February 2009 Annual inspection, the total time on the airframe was 5,683.2 hours and the engine had 680 hours since major overhaul.

N82137 has mounted on the panel, a handheld GPS (Garmin GPSMAP 195 with auxiliary antenna), a handheld VHF airband transceiver (ICOM IC-A22 with auxiliary antenna and a control stick mounted auxiliary Push-to-Talk button). There is also a two place headphone intercom mounted between the front and rear seat, on the starboard side over the door opening. Mounted in the rear baggage compartment is an inertia activated Emergency Locator Transmitter. All are powered by their own individual battery pack.

N82137 is great flying airplane and there are no known issues with either the airframe or engine. N82137 is hangared at X60, Williston, Florida.
Price as equipped, $26,500.00, OBO

Contact: Bill Haynes 352-495-2088 , email

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